Release of new and improved Matterport model conversion services

Today we are excited to announce the relaunch of our cloud based conversion services for Matterport users.

Changes to cloud services

Matterport recently released an update to their cloud portal disabling the ability to download the Matterport OBJ file for public models. Unfortunately our cloud services relied on this feature to access Matterport models for conversion resulting in our cloud services being temporarily unavailable over the past few weeks. To address this issue, we have made changes to our service allowing users to upload their OBJ files directly for conversion. This latest update will help to ensure the service remains reliable all users.

While these changes will help ensure the service remains reliable in the future, the additional handling of files and processing steps has made it necessary to increase the price of Matterport file conversions. For further info on the new pricing, see Matterport Cloud Services below.

How to convert a Matterport model to point cloud, 3DS Max or FBX

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