Convert Matterport scan to 3DS Max File

Convert Matterport scan to 3DS max format
Convert Matterport scan to 3DS max format

Convert Matterport scan to 3DS Max File


Convert a Matterport scan to 3DS Max mesh file.

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Welcome to our new and improved Matterport to 3DS Max conversion service. For more info on how you can convert your Matterport scan to point cloud, see how to convert a Matterport model to point cloud, 3DS Max or FBX.

Quickly export any Matterport scan to a 3DS Max file.

What is 3DS?

3DS is one of the native file formats used by Autodesk 3ds Max 3D modelling, animation and rendering software. As its one of the older CAD formats around, 3DS files can be used to import Matterport scans into many other major CAD software’s that also support it - such as SketchUp.

What you get with this service?

We take the .obj file output from your Matterport scan and convert it into a native 3DS file. This produces a zip file about the same size as your original .obj file (anywhere from 10MB to 100MB depending on the size of your scan). The contents of the zip file will look quite similar to the original .obj format. The zip file will contain;

  • 1 x .3ds file.
  • Several .jpg images that form the textures for the resulting .3ds file.

The best way to use the resulting file is;

  1.  Unzip the resulting zip file into a new folder.
  2.  Open your CAD software of choice, select the option to open or import > navigate to the .3ds file you just unzipped. 
  3.  Open the .3ds file and the CAD software should do the rest (i.e. finding the matching textures etc).


Here is a 3DS file example from a model on the Matterport website of a Modern Home.

Steps to export model to 3DS

  1. Provide a link to the Matterport model you want to convert to 3DS above. Please ensure the model you provide is set to public otherwise we will be unable to access the .obj file for processing - use the validate button above to check this.
  2. Click "purchase" and complete the checkout process. Please note the "purchase" button will not be clickable until you have validated your model url as described in the above step.
  3. Once complete you will receive an order confirmation email to the email address you nominated during the checkout process. The scan will then start processing - once processed, you will receive another email with links to download the resulting zip file. This process typically takes about 15 minutes, if you have not received an email with the download link within an hour please contact us. The download link will remain active for 7 days for you to download as needed.