Point cloud functionality added to VirtualSite platform

It can sometimes be challenging to import raw 3D scan data into a CAD model without losing some of the original detail. Depending on the design software you are using, the best format to use when importing can vary. To ensure users have the best choice of options to suit their situation, VirtualSite now has additional functionality to export models to a photographic 3D point cloud format.

Better integration with Revit and AutoCAD

The feedback from users has been that point cloud integrates very well with Revit and AutoCAD. As it tends to be the most widely used format for 3D scan data, many of the Autodesk products are well setup to work with it. In addition to this, specialised point cloud software such as Autodesk ReCap can also be used to view and manipulate scan data in this format.

Getting started

To access the new point cloud formats; log into the VirtualSite portal, locate it within the right hand panel and click to download. For detailed how-to's on working with the new point cloud formats, you can access the following guides from the support site.