Narrogin Hospital Redevelopment Project

We are pleased to announce the successful implementation of VirtualSite for the Narrogin Hospital Redevelopment Project.


The project is part of a $28 million redevelopment of the existing Narrogin Regional Hospital

Our scope

We performed a 3D scan of multiple areas of the existing hospital to be refurbished as part of the redevelopment project including the maternity ward, existing theatre area and operating suites, chemotherapy area and kitchen. Scan data was then processed and uploaded to the VirtualSite web portal for the project team to remotely access the hospital site during the design phase. 


Narrogin Hospital will continue to remain operational throughout the design and construction phase. For the project team, access to the project site is critical to ensure they have a full understanding of the site and latent site conditions to design and plan the redevelopment. The VirtualSite platform provides a way for the project team to remotely access the existing site easily and with minimal interruption to the hospital's patients and staff. Using the platform team members will be able to perform remote inspections as well as access processed scan data in a variety of 3D/2D formats to integrate with their CAD models.