Beta release of VirtualSite platform for Matterport users

The VirtualSite platform has been developed with the goal of making Matterport technology as valuable to the AEC industry as it has been for real estate. Building and construction projects can be fast paced and complex, making it expensive when things go wrong. Matterport technology offers a way to cost effectively document exactly how a site is built, as its built, opening up a range of high value applications that can save projects time and money. 

With the help of the VirtualSite platform, Matterport service providers have the power to offer clients in the AEC industry purpose built functionality to make Matterport a powerful design and documentation tool.


Automatic conversion of Matterport scans to point cloud 

Interactive smart measure tools

Explore 3D model via Matterport showcase (now with Mattertags™)

Overlay multiple Matterport scans on Google MapsNew

Manage, share and explore multiple Matterport scans via dedicated project site

Try it

VirtualSite for Matterport Demo

Matterport Space courtesy of We Get Around

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See our page on VirtualSite for Matterport users for details on pricing and how to get started.