Smart measure tools added to VirtualSite Platform

VirtualSite offers many solutions for integrating 3D scan data with CAD/BIM software and processes, but sometimes its useful having a basic set of tools to explore and interrogate scans without any need for specialised software. The recently added smart measure features seek to do just that by providing users the ability to measure scans directly from the browser based platform.

These features help to expand the set of tools that design and construction teams have at their disposal to ensure they get the most out of their 3D scan data. See below for an overview of the new features.

New Features

VirtualSite Smart Measure Tools: measure point to point distance.


Measure point to point distance.

VirtualSite Smart Measure Tools: measure perimeter using the poly line tool.


Measure perimeter using the poly line tool.

VirtualSite Smart Measure Tools: measure area of floor plans and RCP.


Measure area of floor plans and reflected ceiling plans.

VirtualSite Smart Measure Tools: intelligently snap to 3D scan features.

Snap to features

Intelligently snap to features making it simpler and faster to measure scans accurately.

VirtualSite Smart Measure Tools: 100% browser based with no need for additional software.

No additional software.

100% browser based so its available anywhere on any device.

VirtualSite Smart Measure Tools: mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly

Compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Example video

See the video below for an example of the new smart measure features in action.

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